• A game about an extraordinary garden will be a joy for players who love to explore game worlds,
    set everything to rights and solve puzzles. The core game mechanism is Merging, which offers simplicity but with depth,
    keeping players interested for a long time. A considerable role is played by the Garden's magical creatures,
    cuties who add to players' emotional experience in the game :)
  • A mobile game with gorgeous casual graphics that blend harmoniously
    with the excitement of playing cards. By passing levels, players gain new lands,
    grow plants and take care of cute animals. Exciting dynamic gameplay
    and harvesting crops from the farm keep players coming back for more!
  • Solitaire Social is the top-grossing Web card game in the world!
    The game has over 10 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of people across the world play it daily.
    Our 8 years of experience working on this game keeps Solitaire Social growing at cosmic speeds.
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