Solitaire Social
A social solitaire game where two players race to finish first, with a focus on competition in single-player and team contests. Released in 2014, this was our first game, and was an instant hit on social networks.
Facts and figures:
  • 8,5 million players across all platforms
  • Best card game on Facebook's Top Grossing
  • "Game of the year" on Odnoklassniki
Solitaire Golden Prairies
A mobile game with gorgeous casual graphics that blend harmoniously with the excitement of playing cards.

By passing levels, players reach new lands, grow plants and take care of cute animals.

Exciting dynamic gameplay and harvesting crops from the farm keep players coming back for more!

Work in progress
Our new game about an extraordinary garden will be a joy for players who love to explore a game world, straighten things up and solve puzzles.

P.S. These purple cuties on the picture are flying as fast are their wings will flutter to meet the players on release day.
Spoiler alert...
There'll be other magical creatures in the game too! But sshhh, don't tell anyone!
Solitaire Social 3
Are you a beginner or a master of cruising quickly through a game of Solitaire? Whatever the case, this game is a joy for players of all levels!

In "Solitaire Social 3", there's the option to play against another player and see who's best. Compete with your friends and earn badges of honor for your solitaire skills!